Lutz Wichert

tenor- and sopranosaxophone, composer and  arranger

Born 26.09.1956 in Eutin ( Ostholstein ) / Germany.

Autodidact. Later harmonic theory with Walter Norris and saxophone studies with Werner Jede, Herb Geller und Wilton Gaynair.

First musical activities in Rhythm & Blues Bands in Lübeck and Hamburg.

1979 first concerts with his own trio as well as concerts with the John Holmes Big Band. 1980 - 1981 festival appearances with the Jazzrock - Group Hob Goblin.

1982 - 1985 member of the Workshop Ensembles Siegen.

In 1988 his appearance at the 10. International Jazz Festival Münster / Germany was followed by a month´s engagement in Greece and in 1989 his trio went on performing at the 14. Jazz Festival Leipzig / former East – Germany.

A concert at the Stadtgarten / Cologne in 1990 was broadcasted by the WDR / Westdeutscher Rundfunk and during the same year he went on tour in Russia playing among others two concerts at the 14. Jazz Festival Leningrad.

In 1991 he followed an invitation of the 13. International Jazz Festival Münster where he played two concerts and in 1993 he played three concerts at the Jazz Festival “Jazz op locatie / Jazz vor Ort” (Netherlands and Germany) .

Extensive stays in South-America, Asia and Africa during the years 1993 to 1996 were of as great importance for his musical development as his stays in New York City during the years 1996 to 1998.

In the meantime he performed with his trio at the Jazz Festival Jazzmeile Thüringen ´97 and in 1998 he recorded the first CD “To Everything He Does” (timeline 2068) with his own trio.

In 1999 the BR / Bayerischer Rundfunk broadcasted a concert at the Unterfahrt / Munich.

A visit to Havana and Santiago de Cuba in 2000 resulted in a cooperation with musicians of the Cutumba Group.

Returning to Germany he took part of a masterclass with David Liebman in 2001 and in the following year his trio recorded the second CD “Ambiguous” (EDM 068) and joined the Chris Potter Quartet in a concert broadcasted by the SR / Saarländischer Rundfunk.

In 2003 he went on a second trip to Africa visiting Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. This trip was followed by a three months stay in England. During this time he took part of a masterclass with Bob Mintzer (saxophone / composing and arranging).

In May 2004 he released the new CD of his trio “Don´t Accept Cookies” (EDM 082) in cooperation with the SR / Saarländischer Rundfunk and again the Edition Musikat featuring his most recent compositions.

Having taught young musicians at the “jazzworkout” ( 2004 - 2006 ) initiated by the Saarländische Landesverband Jazz e.V. he went to stay in England for a month before travelling to China ( Hu Lu Si lessons ) and Tibet.

2007 - 2008 Work on large-size compositions for small groups - in particular first sketches of the "Reverberation Suite".

2009 Additional studies of digital recording, mixing and mastering as well as CD - design.

2010 Foundation of the label "MATZMO RECORDS" as a division of Edition Musikat.

2011 the fourth CD of the LUTZ WICHERT TRIO "thirteen sonic sediments" is released. The thirteen new compositions are published on MATZMO RECORDS.

2012 he recorded the fifth CD "unwritten love-letters" with his trio and published it again on MATZMO RECORDS. For the new compositions a greater emphasize is laid on the sopranosaxophone in addition to the tenor.

2013 the city of Saarbrücken / Germany comissioned Lutz Wichert to write a series of new compositions for their summer festival. The successful premiere of the ten compositions for his trio took place at the "Saarbücker Sommermusik".

2016 last concert with the LUTZ WICHERT TRIO.

2020 the sixth CD of the LUTZ WICHERT TRIO "mutuality" is released. The ten new compositions are published again on MATZMO RECORDS.

Among others he has played with Branko Arnsek, Bob Bales, Philipp Bernhardt, Stephan Brandt, Michael Büning, Stefan Engelmann, Rudi Flender, Michael Fronzek, Andreas Griefingholt, Natalie Hausmann, Martin Heemann, Patrick Hengst, John Holmes, Nils Imhorst, Frank Itt, Frank Jacob, Jens Jenner, Wollie Kaiser, Jan Klare, Jürgen Knautz, Jochen Krämer, Michal Kulenty, Jörg Kummetz, Andreas Lehnert, Golo Maichel, Robert Michler, Alex Morsey, Dribi Alaoui Mohamed, Ivo Müller, Matthias Müller, Nicole Nagel, Jogi Nestl, Soleil Niklasson, Bernd Oezsevim, Klaus Panten, Uwe Petersen, Sandra Pfeiffer, Uwe Plath, Daniel Prätzlich, Martin Preiser, Sebastian Räther, Joachim Raffel, Martin Redeker, Bernd Reichert, Michael Schiefel, Dirik Schilgen, Olaf Schneider, Christian Schönefeld, Stefan Schulz, ChristianThomé, Elisabeth Tuchmann, Stephan VanWielik, Achim Weiß, Jochen Welle, Konstantin Wienstroer, Christian Winninghoff, Joachim Zoepf and Helge Zumdiek.